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what clients are saying.

Our site looks awesome! I am blown away and can't thank Lucy enough. If ever I need anything design-related I will be contacting Lucy because she created the look that I have always wanted but was unable to explain. Lucy is beyond talented and truly amazing at what she does. Thank you again!

Tamara Petit

The email campaign Lucy showed me how to build had our highest-ever open rate (43%) and an increased click-through rate of 1.3% which resulted in our 'Dough from Scratch' class selling out! A big success!

Chris Donato // Mailchimp Training Client

I can give nothing but 5-star, raving reviews for Lucy's work on my site.

Lucy is absolutely amazing to work with. She is prompt, responsive, and was very in-tune with what I said and wanted. I am so pleased with the how the site looks and operates​.


If someone asked me for a web designer recommendation I would literally say "Don't even bother looking around for another person or company. Lucy offers the best services for the best price-point."

Leigh Winters

I was concerned about spending too much money and not getting a beautiful website, and not learning how to update my own site in the future.  Our first training session was SO helpful and informative that I could almost build the whole site on my own! But the funny part was, I didn't want to anymore! I wanted her opinion on copy, images, and user experience.  So, our follow-up calls were totally helpful.


I love Lucy's spirit, energy, and laugh.  I looked forward to our meetings and trusted her design insight and really enjoyed learning from her. She is inspiring to talk to and her energy lifts and empowers others.  She met me exactly where I was at. 

Jessica Torbin (1-on-1 Training client)

Lucy made me feel like she REALLY got me. I can be a bit indecisive and had a lot of ideas, but she was incredible in her ability to get to the heart of what I was trying to say and be super patient, flexible, and clear in-person and online as she continued to support me.


Lucy really believes in me as a person and genuinely wants my brand to succeed, but above all else made me feel like my happiness was her main priority.  She’s super talented and knowledgeable, but it is the joy of working with her on a personal level that made the experience so amazing for me. 

Lucy assured me she works quickly and is incredibly fair in how she bills, I couldn’t  believe the quality I of work I received with such quick turn around on all the needs I had. When I received the invoice, I felt the value was so good!

I love my logo! She took all the hundred ideas I had, and got really clear, then designed my perfect logo and tag line in a couple hours in the time it has taken me a year of deliberating on. I had a couple small revisions to ask her to try and ended up with her original design, it’s so good. I’m thrilled and proud to have it represent me. 

I would absolutely without hesitation recommend anyone looking to brand simply from scratch, re-brand, or launch a large project that working with Lucy is the best decision they could make.

Marisa Hallsted

Lucy has been so amazing and supportive and motivational in addition to building a beautiful website. Without a doubt, she is one of the people responsible for what will be a very successful launch of my new medical practice.

Paula Kadison, MD

My biggest concern before hiring Hello Lucy Design was taking a chance on working with and trusting someone whom I didn't previously know personally.


That concern was quickly put to rest, as our initial meeting was flawless and energizing... it pushed me to a place of action and to take-charge for a change.


Lucy has amazing follow-through and quick turnaround on project implementation. She was able to listen to what I needed and then infuse her own professional opinions without overstepping her role. 


Greatest part was turning out my new website for launch in under 2 weeks after only meeting for an hour face to face and a couple of conference calls to work through additions and corrections.


Lucy is  flawless, unflappable, and the end product is remarkable. She is easy to work with, energizing, and better still, NICE!



 I have recommended Lucy's services to just about everyone I know. She is fantastic and I cannot thank her enough for the thorough and professional way in which she helped me with my new website. The tutorial videos she sends are a great learning tool for me and made maneuvering around my new site so much easier. I absolutely look forward to working with her on my other website. 

Summers Moore

I first met Lucy in 2013 at Nickelodeon. I'd been there for over a decade, but Lucy stood out among the hundreds of young people with whom I've worked. She was and is a thorough professional, with talent, energy, enthusiasm, and integrity to spare. Though I have access to literally hundreds of writers and design professionals, I hired Lucy for two projects close to my heart: 

1) I hired her to design and build my website Dametown.com. She did a terrific job and really "got" my brand. I love the design, but perhaps what I like best is the way she continues to tweak the site and help me, 24/7. She goes above and beyond and that is what keeps me impressed -- and will keep me loyal. 

2) She was recruited to design the logo for a brand-new site, Like a Boss Girls, and due to her smarts, creative know-how, and charm she was asked to blog for them, and then to be Editor-in-Chief. She positively embodies the kind of sharp, caring, savvy young woman for whom the site was developed. 

Honestly, I can't say enough about how wonderful Ms. Ross is, and I welcome anyone to reach out to me so I can effusively drone on some more. In short, HIRE HER!

Lucy really understood what I wanted in both tone and functionality for my website. She nailed it. She's also extremely kind, professonal, and hard working. She truly cares about what she does.


Working with Lucy makes you feel like you are working with family. She takes time to understand exactly what you want (and helps you figure it out if you don't quite know yet!).


Better still, she charges way less than the market price for web design, but still you get the same professonal results. 

I was impressed by the websites that Lucy had designed...distinct and evocative of each business. But my biggest question before hiring Lucy was if she could totally "get" and create my style on a website. 


Given I am in arts and education (and a bit on the whimsical side), I just wasn't sure.


Wow! What a perfect website she created representing who I am and what I do...right down to my cottage front door.

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