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Your products & services are enriching people's lives, creating more joy, ease, & a higher-quality life.

Stay embodied in what you do best,
not stuck in the weeds of your website.


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 "Lucy, thank you for your positive energy, creativity and talent.  Our sales more than doubled to $1,400,000, in no small part because of you launching our brand redesign and new e-commerce optimized website at the start of the year."

— Pam Bard, CEO & Founder

luxe grounding footwear company


The whole point of design is to create the best in both function and form.

Which means beautiful new website means little without the strategic intentionality and functionality to back it up.


And vice versa.

By intentionally designing your brand and website experience, we'll elevate your business by moving the needle on what I call "The Big 3" :

  1. Building legitimacy & trust through aligned, memorable branding & design

  2. Crafting easy, user-friendly experiences on desktop & mobile devices

  3. Strategically designing your website for engagement and conversion


A VIP Day is a daylong  intensive dedicated to creating goodness (both creative and strategic) in a short amount of time with laser focus.


With VIP Days, we reserve dates on the calendar where you are my sole client. My skills and services are devoted to providing solutions to your creative needs for 7 consecutive hours. 

This option to work together is right for you if you have a tight deadline and love how fast it is, like giving real-time feedback, prefer having my undivided attention for a full day, and enjoy knowing exactly when we're starting, when we're finishing, and what to expect.

With VIP Days, you’re booking me for my dedicated time, skills, and fast turnaround on those days, not a set of deliverables. Thankfully I’ve been designing for nearly a decade, so I’ve crafted an efficient workflow that allows us to achieve maximum results in minimum time. I will always  give an estimate of what we can accomplish from your list prior to  commencing our VIP Day. If we need more time to complete your tasks, you can book me for a half day or another full day.


You have customers and fans. You have a mailing list (and if you don't I can help you with that). Don't let your peeps feel neglected!


Provide value with strategic, gorgeous email/newsletters designed to build trust, increase aligned sales, and keep your audience engaged. I'll build you a sequence you can reuse, tweak, and keep the momentum going yourself.


about me.

Hi folks!


I'm Lucy, a web designer turned brand & web strategist. 

Unlike other creatives, my focus is not solely on making you look good.

I help you look good, do good, and bring home the goods. 

Because your online presence needs beauty and brains to make an impact.

My holistic process starts with strategy first. Then I use intentional, purpose-driven design to communicate your special sauce and magnetize aligned clientele and customers to you.

And why do I do what I do?

Because I'm an old soul in a millennial's body with a deep desire to shine a light on the people and organizations that are bringing joy, hope, and style to people's lives. After all, what else are we here on this beautiful earth for, if not to know just how beautiful life can be.  

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